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Amorpheus is a story about someone who winds up on a beach and has to survive in the wild, going through many adventures. It's called Amorpheus because, in Science, Amorpheus solids are solids where their molecules/atoms are in no orderly fashion. For example: Rubber, Clay, Putty. The opposite of Amorpheus is Crystalline. A Crystalline solid is a solid with their molecules/atoms in a orderly manner. For example: Crystals, Rock, Wood (usually).Since the adventures in Amoprheus are so windy and changing, like an Amorpheus solid, I named it that.

The Episodes[]

The following is a list of episodes from Amorpheus.This is the official list page for the series.

-Amorpheus: Episode 1 - The Past

-Amorpheus: Episode 2 - Zeurmes

-Amorpheus: Episode 3 - The Curious Cave

This series was written by Aaron Kleiman (Obsidialord).[]