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I can't remember anything. No-nothing. Al-all there was.....was sand. That's the farthest I can remember. I didn't know what to do next, so I though I needed to have shelter somewhere, so I got some wood from some nearby trees. I thought it was too big to make a house with, so I cut it up into smaller, thinner planks. And so I started.....I started to build.I didn't try to dwell on the frightning thought that I couldn't remember anything else - it was too painful. So I continued to build. And to-build was what I did. I made a small hut to call home. Inside wasn't much: just plank walls, a roof of logs, a hole to walk through, and a hole to look through as a kind of window. That's the problem. I need food, a place to sleep, and bordem to overcome, but how could I do so?

It wasn't long before night time. I didn't expect much to happen that night....
I was wrong-very, very wrong. I saw strange creatures outside.Then I heard a noise. It was like a hiss of a snake, but different. It was extreamly coarse and almost mettallic. I tried to think that I imagined it, but I couldn't shake the feeling it was......was something different.

Sssssssssssss....there it was. The sound was a knock on the door of my mind.And then it happened faster than I could even think about it: BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! An explosion sent me flying into a wall. My house dammaged, trees destroyed, inventory gone, no food, and worse, I was coughing up blood and I was starving. Then I see it: a small town or village. I try to drag myself there but I fainted half-way there.

I woke up the next morning, in a hut. I look around my body. I'm bandaged up and it seems I have a broken arm, but I'm able to walk though. I go outside of the little shelter to notice dwarfs living in the village. They saw me and spoke not, but we understood each other. Even though probably mute, they showed me how to properly build, hunt, plant, and best of all - live.

And here I am now. Until next time....

Aaron Kleiman 4/17/2012