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I couldn't remember anything from the past. I cut down trees to make a shelter. Once it became nigh time, a strange creature exploded and damaged my house. I tryed to get to a village, but I fainted from the harmful explosion. The villagers were healing me, taught me how to hunt, plant, build, and how to survive.

The sun rises; it's bright rays puncture my eyelids. I'm awake. I check the wheat farm, gather resources, and
hunt for a little food. I ended up with the following:

8 peices of pork
128 planks of wood
9 wheat

I cook the pork, store the wood, and craft 3 loafs of bread with the wheat. My broken arm is practically recovered from. I'm begginning work on a new house. I'll use the planks I gathered, and some iron golems offered to help me make it. It's a large fortress , or will be. I need to name it though.

What would be a good name? It would have to make sense. First, I'll think of things that describe the soon-to-be HQ. It has to do with being both strong and clever: So I'll mix the name of Hermes (clever messenger god in Greek Mythology) and Zeus. (The king of the gods and god of the air, thunder, and overworld in Greek Mythology.) will be the... Zeurmes.

Aaron Kleiman 4/17/2012