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Summary of previous episode (Found here):

I began work on a new house. Iron golems offered to help and
it's idea are are really taking shape.I mixed it's aspect of strong
(Zeus) and it's aspect of clever (Hermes) to create it's name:

Zeurmes has been going well lately. The golems are assembling the structure and I gather resources, form the inside, and the other, still important, things. Right now, it's 20% done. We are working on the main, first floor of the main room. I'm creating the floor, wondows, doors, and utilities. Right now, I'm getting more materials. I'm chopping down a tree with a special enchanted steel axe that the blacksmith and priest gave me back at the village recently. As I finish chopping away, I notice something: a cave. It looked like any ordinary cave or occasional ravine... but.... there's something different about it.I try to ignore it but it's like the wind is whispering in my ear: "Goooooo....Gooooo." My curiosity overcomes me. With every step, the little grass smoosh seems like a meteor hitting the planet. Something freaks me out about this strange place....but it's not the it's something......something else.