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Currently, there is a war. A war between 2 city-states in the land of Clay Nation: Cyancity and Lime Center. The clay soldiers go out at each other using various gear. Both sides: a King-with a large bone that only the most royal can use. He's also a super soldier with a horse and refurbished armor. To guard the king, 6 perfect-for-the-job warriors: Super soldiers with refurbished sticks as weapons, reburbished armor, on a horse. Behind the guardsman and king, a wave of 8 swordsman. They have sticks and armor but there's a lot of 'em. Behind them, 9 archers. They have armor and glasses to see farther. Farther the sight=farther the projectiles. What they project? Gravel.

The battle starts. Guardsman and the king go forward, while the swordsman break the barriers of man on bthe opposing side. The archers patiently wait for opponents, and they do. Archers and swordsman have their own battle, while royalty helps.

Archers and swordsmen are rare. Slowly, they become non-existent. Now, just the guards and the kings.eventually, a king dies and than someone takes his place...then it happens again on the other side. The Limerians are pushing the Cyanese to their feat, but then, as the Limerian king dies, the crown is destroyed in battle.

Eventually, the Cyanese king falls, but it doesn't matter: there are 4 Cyanese guardsman versus 2 Limerian guardsman. Suprisingly, the 2 Limerians kill 2 Cyanesians. Now it's even.

Then...a Limerian falls. 2 against one. The Limerian...the last of his kind...fights for his life, but he couldn't

Cyancity, with only 2 super-souldier guardsmen, win.