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Before anything really existed (and even time!!) there were only 2 things: A large mass of matter and a large mass of anti-matter - when they combine it creates explosions and chemical reactions - and there was nothing but those 2 things. There was no time before the Big Bang. It happened, nothing before hand.

Well those 2 masses were very large and kept hitting each other. Every time they smashed, more things were created. Peices of rock would come together by gravity to form planets. And plasma formations would grow (slowly) to become stars.When planets like earth came near small stars like our sun, it made a solar system- a system of one or more planets orbiting around a star/s. Earth is around 4.3 billion years old.Even though Earth is pretty old, nothing really came to be (atleast alive things) until about 1.5 billion years ago. There wasn't much oxygen on earth. Mostly carbon dioxide lighting storms, UV rays and water....lots....and lots....of water. Anyway, for life to develope, it would need not to breathe in oxygen, so the first ones were cellular creatures in the water, that photosynesise. That means they breathe in CO2 (carbon dioxide) and breathe out O2 (oxygen) - which is what plants do and the opposite of what we do. After make in a lot of O2, it created a layer of O2 around the Earth known as the Ozone Layer.The Ozone Protects earth from UV rays. Now, at around 250 million years ago, there is oxygen in the air, not many UV rays get to the surface of the earth, and multicellular organisms are developing. About 50 million years later, squid, snails, and other sea creatures were developing.It wasn't until 150 million year ago when land creatures were developed. They were amphibians meaning they lived on both land and water. 50 million years later reptiles formed and insects that flew formed. This was known as the Mesozoice era. 60 million years ago is when the Cenozoic era started, the one we are in now!

Mammalls were developed. Then 1 million years ago humans formed as the species Australipithocenes, then Homo Erectus, Then Cro Magnons and Neanderthal inter breaded to create the current speices: "Homo Sapiens". About 4000 years ago+villages were being created. 200 years ago, many religions were invented.And here we are.

Aaron Kleiman 4/14/2012