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There were 2 twins named Eric and Trent.They were 2 peanut butter cups in a reeses pack; always together, and never had remourse of it.They did many things together: play games, swim, play sports, watch TV, and many more! Although... after a while, Trent went through many changes.

Trent chose his friends very wrong at the age of 17.After much peer pressure, and even warning of Eric, he did many bad things he would later regret.Due to the low alcoholic drinking age at where he lives, he bacame an alcoholic, and then later a drug abuser.After Trent and Eric realized they needed to move out, to there own homes at age 23.

It's 4 years later.

Eric hasn't talked to Trent since they were 23.He landed a good job as a mechanical engineer and got a pretty good house. He's back from his first few days of his job, and doing well. He's at home reading a magazine when the phone rings.Ring! Ring! It's an unknown number, so he just leaves it there."If they really need to talk to me, they would leave a voicemail." It continues to go. Ring! "Okay, let's see who this is" Finally, you picked up. It's your landlord. You're getting a roomate in a few weeks, just though I should let ya' know. The call ends. "Hmmm, I wonder who's gonna live here.

It's 1 month later.

"Ahh, another good day at work!" Eric walks through his door. He munches on a gronola bar, while watching the Discovery Channel. Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock, Knock Knock. "I wonder who that could be." The door opens.... Trent is there with his head completly down, like stars, staring down at us from above."Trent!! What are you doing here??" "Guess who's your new roomate?", Trent replied with a mix of emotions: mainly a very slight smile and depression."I've a lot of explaining to do." "We'll talk about it inside", Eric said as he knifed through his sentence.

"How did you get here?"

"I went to rehab and they gave me some money to get back on my feet"

WIP: not done yet