What is StoryNet?Edit

Storynet is a website/wiki made by Aaron Kleiman. This is intended to be a place where people can post their own stories that can be real or fake.

How Can I Read a StoryEdit

Browse through the wiki! Look for things you're interested in. Lists and catagories will help with this task.

How Can I Post My Own Story?Edit

At the top right click "Contribute" and then click "Add a page". Click the "Blank Page" circle and type the name of your story, then add it! Work on your story and once you're done, click publish on the top-right- And you are done!

What are the requirements of a story?Edit

It must have the name of whoever wrote it, unless you don't feel comfortable using it, then just say annonymous. It should also have when it was written. Pictures are nice but aren't required.

Does it have to be a story?Edit

No. It can be a list of a type of stories, a review on a book, movie, .etc, or anything you can imagine, as long as it has to do with writing.

What NOT to doEdit

Please do not edit other people's work unless it's a spelling error. Changing a writing can result in removal of privledges.

Who is "Aaron Kleiman", the creator of StoryNet?Edit

I, Aaron Kleiman, am a kid who likes writing and wants a place of his own where people can share it! He makes a lot of the content of Story Net and encourages creation of it.

Things I can check out nowEdit

Here are some pages to give you a feel of what Story Net is all about:

- A Minute of Aperture (Portal Fan-Fic)

- Forgotten Beginnings (Drama)

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