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Riiiiiiing!! Riiiiiiing!! Okay, now work time is over what to do now? I'm Stemonitis, and I work at the official factory of Gooville. Our main export is sporings, which is both a food and the main form of currency here. I llive with my roommate and best friend, Septica. He works at an old mill, called the Dendron. And one day I want to be an owner of my own Amanita, the largest type of house in Gooville. My only problem is.....

How will I do that? Anyways...back on the subject....what to do now that I have free time for the rest of the day. I'm riding a bus from the Cerambycidae Transit System. I take a ride to my place for 10 sporings. That's bad. The exchange of sporings has been getting worse at the speed of light, practically. It's been tough at the factory, but our district has been thriving in the tough "mono-conomy". It's all focused on the capital though, Polyporus. That's the capital city of Gooville. All the money they spend is a pile-driver on the exchange rate.

Ehhhh!! Oh, that's my stop. I think Septica and I will try to think ofz some ways to get some Sporings. Knock Knock! The door opens. "Hi, Septica", I said, awaiting him to matirealize from behind the door, but.....nope. Septica didn't open the door..."Oh right, he's at work.".... but someone (or something did).... it's my pet Etim. "Hi Etim!" I played with Etim, awaiting Septica. He gets home at around 17 o' clock. It's 15:34.