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Religion: It's in our DNA!![]

When humans were first....well humans, they were a species named "Homo Erectus" and lived in Africa. They later spread all over Western europe and asia.That was around 1 million years ago.Atleast 2000 years ago, religion was first developed.Most religions are very different, and they never came from 1 root religion. By the time they were being developed, humans were all over the planet practically.Some thing caused them to make religion though.There wasnt 1 person that thought of it- no. Everyone got in large groups and came up with it on their own subsequently. Everyone needs something to believe in/have faith in: whether that's aitheism, monotheism, polytheism, or what ever you beleive in. Humans always needed something to believe in, even athiesm: they have great faith in science. There has to be something about humans that give them faith in something. It has to be something in the DNA- their geonetic code that causes this.That cause, I think, is a REAL important meaning of life.Every religious group is a pea pod, connected to the tree of life.

Aaron Kleiman 4/14/2012