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The sun rises.Rainbow Dash clears the skies early, today. Strange huh? Well... today is special...

If you didn't know, when Rainbow Dash got her cutie mark, fluttershy fell down to the ground and made friends and trusted woodland creatures. Though, by doing that, her skills as a pegasus, depleted. So, Rainbow Dash is teaching Fluttershy to do some new moves and get better.

"Ok, Fluttershy, juuuussst hooow weee practiced....." Rainbow Dash said. "Ummm, well, Ok." Fluttershy replied. She gasped for air and shot into the air, only to fall to the gorund by the wind. Rainbow facehoof'd : "No, no, no.". Flutershy was in awe of Rainbow's complex skills and didn't have the courage to try to get anywhere near her."But, Rainbow Dash, that breeze came out of nowhere." Facehoof...again."I geuss we'll continue later.", Rainbow Dash said.


Rainbow dash was in a cloud, staring down at Ponyville.Sigh.She was bored, and wished Fluttershy was better so she can keep up.Then, she noticed something.She stared down at Fluttershy: she was practicing below. "I need to get better. I can't let Rainbow Dash down..." Fluttershy said, but Rainbow Dash was too distant to hear.

Fluttershy first practiced steady flying, going through fields.Next, stronger flying, flying while carrying MORE than a bunny or two. Later, speed. She wasn't as fast as Rainbow, but she could definetly go pretty fast. "Wow, I guess Fluttershy IS getting better.Maybe I'll take a secre look tommorrow...."

The sun is setting, day time is dwindeling, and night time takes over.Rainbow goes to sleep in her cloud, excited for next time's training.

Rainbow Dash drifts into a dream.It's a race held by the Mane 6."Ready..." Pinkie Pie says. "Set..."

"Party-I mean- GO!!" Rainbow dash shoots forward, with Fluttershy in second place. Rainbow goes down, send downward velocity, plus the forwards momentum of the good start, to create a, "Sonic Rainboom". "Haha! Eat my dust- I mean..ummm.. CLOUDS!!- yeah, clouds.", Rainbow Dash said with excitment.She looks back, to see Fluttershy. Animals are giving her a boost: Eagles, Hawks, even Pheonixes! Then, it happends.

Fluttershy speeds past Rainbow Dashat what seemed like the speed of light when sonic wave comes out of here.Like a sonic rainboom, but different. Instead of a rainbow color, tons and tons of birds and other animals come out."How?How can she win?I...I....I LOST!!!!" Rainbow Dash jerked awake, gasping for air."What if she does get better?Better.... better than me!!"

It's the next day, and Flutter is ready for practice. Rainbow Dash comes down. "Hey Flutter.", Rainbow Dash said. "Umm.. yes?"..."I have a proposal for you."..."What kind of proposal?"..."A race."..."Me?Race you?Well you would deffinetly win though."..."So, I'll take that as a yes.Cloud Kingdom.20 minutes."..."But!" It's too late, Rainbow Dash already left.


"Are you sure about this?", Fluttershy asked. "Yeah, yeah-Don't worry.", Rainbow Dash said. "Ummm.. well, Ok."

Rainbow Dash's dream comes to life.She does a Sonic Rainboom, and looks behind her.Now it's a duplicate of the dream. Flutterrshy does her strange move and speeds ahead of her.Suprisingly, Rainbow Dash does ANOTHER Sonic Rainboow, but Fluttershy doesn't have it in her.They're tied.Flutter's First.Now Rainbow.Now Flutter.Rainbow,Flutter,Rainbow,Flutter...aaannnnddd It's done."WHO WON??!??!?!?!?", Rainbow Dash yelled. "I got it riiiiighht here.", Pinkie said, holding a camera.They look at it: Rainbow dash won. "I knew you would win." Fluttershy said. "What are you talking about? If it weren't for my 2nd Sonic Rainboom, you would have won.And that move you had was CRAZY! By the way, I saw you practicing yesterday, you're good!"..."You're just saying that." Rainbow Dash put a hoof on Fluttershy's shoulder. "No, I mean it."

"I think you have a letter for Princess Celestia.", said Twilight."Spike, write this down.If someone is teaching you something, don't be embarrased to be as good, or even better than them. It's Ok to meet your maker." Fluttershy said. "" Spike muttered. "OK! I'm done.Now I have something to deliver to Princess Celestia.""